Saturday, July 14, 2012

Where, oh where, are our Generations Mr. Darcys and Mr. Rochesters ??

What ever happened to passion? To respectable meeting and giving love time to grow? Well I am petitioning for that back! I say we should take a stand for passion, for love, for kisses in the rain and even the potential heart break that becomes crippling and may cause you to have a fever because your heart led you out into the rain to the place you first met and cried out his name. Yes, I know, I'm a hopeless romantic who reads way to many old English novels (Pride and prejudice, Jane Eyre, Whurthing Heights, Sense and sensability, and many others) but I cant help but wish and hope that one day this chivalrous spirit will be re- kindled and our male population will rise up and greet this challenge by exceeding our expectations and become the passionate and respectable gentlemen that I know they are capable of being. Suppose that my boyfriend took a lesson from these novels and learned some tips on how to be chivalrous and romantic.... oh how wonderful that would be :). I hate saying that because he really is sweet, he could just learn a few pointers. On that note, our entire population could use a few pointers. From a different perspective -Kait :)


  1. agreed!! hehe.

    I often wonder if more girls were willing to be ladies, more guys would feel challenged to be gentlemen.

  2. A very good point made my dear. How can we expect to be respected when we don't respect ourselves? If only more people would remember values... humph -_-

  3. How about men treating women like they are precious and valued, instead of using them for physical needs? Let's be honest, it's a two way street.