Monday, July 23, 2012

That Weird Moment When You Realize Something and Then You Hear A Song About It

So this last week I have done some evaluating and I have made some changes to my life. First and foremost I had to admit to myself that I couldnt finish one of my classes and there was no way I could finish it, so I had to put my big girl pants on and take a withdrawl in the class. I always hate feeling like a quitter, but I was feeling so stressed out, and dropping that class lowered my stress level  a LOT. Second, I had to admit to myself that I had been sugar coating my relationship with my boyfriend. It was like dipping rat poison in honey, just because it tasted sweet didn't mean that it wasn't going to kill me. So I ended it.

After this metaphorical cleaning house, I feel great. I feel happy and awake again. Sure, I'll feel even better once I finish the rest of my classes and I deal with all the other little loose ends that need to be tied but for right now I will bask in the pool of happiness that I feel right now. As for American HI-FI thank you for making this song, it was the perfect theme song for my last relationship :)
With Love From A New Perspective
-Kait :)
"Flavor Of The Weak"
she paints her nails and she don't know
he's got her best friend on the phone
she'll wash her hair
his dirty clothes are all he gives to her
and he's got posters on the wall
of all the girls he wished she was
and he means everything to her

her boyfriend, he don't know
anything about her
he's too stoned, Nintendo
i wish that i could make her see
she's just the flavor of the weak

it's friday night and she's all alone
he's a million a miles away
she's dressed to kill
the tv's on
he's connected to the sound
and he's got pictures on the wall
of all the girls he's loved before
and she knows all his favorite songs

her boyfriend, he don't know
anything about her
he's too stoned, he's too stoned
he's too stoned, he's too stoned
yeah she's the flavor of the weak
she makes me weak


  1. I think songs are the best for expressing things we have inside. I tend to associate strong emotions with songs. (I named my blog after one of my favorites!) And when we love a song and then we have a similar experience...well that's just amazing.

    1. That's exactly how I utilize music, its part therapist, part best friend and part loyal companion. :) thanks for reading Erin!