Sunday, July 6, 2014

Looking for Zen

I have finally reached my point of enlightenment. I have this incredible craving for life and beauty but in the simple ways. My normal wants for material things is diminishing and all I want is to be simple and happy. I gave up my makeup products months ago, I don't need to ruin my skin to be beautiful. The skin I have is perfectly fine and in fact I am happier without makeup I can actually enjoy my reflection of natural beauty. Since moving in with my boyfriends mom my eating habits have changed as well. Gluten, processed garbage, and artificial anything is far and few in between and I can feel my body thanking me for it.  For the first time in my life I can feel myself becoming the individual I have always wanted to be, not what others made me out to be.

The changes in my life are drastic, I wake up HAPPY and the feeling lasts all day. I never thought I would feel this much elation in my life. I am so very thankful for this level of consciousness that I have been bestowed. Everyone tried to put a seed of fear into my mind when I first announced my pregnancy. All I heard was how hard and challenging it all would be but I see it so much differently! I have been blessed with a gift and I have so much love to offer.

It is important that all of us become individuals, that we make life choices based off of the people we WANT to be.  Only the soul can tell you who you are and when you and your soul are in sync you begin to feel the calm, you begin to see the universe fold and unfold in front of you and you are allowed to see all the possibilities in this life. We have access to this amazing, living, all knowing being inside of us, so much wiser than our conscious yet it still wants to teach us. Allow yourselves to open up and see what awaits you there. It is time to wake up.
With Love From A New Perspective,

Thursday, July 3, 2014

All About Love and Being Pregnant

I won't sit here and lie and say that relationships and loving another person is a walk in the park. I of all people actually have a very difficult time of it, all for the simple reason that in order to love another you must first love yourself. For me and my past it was always very easy to fall into a pattern of  insecurity and feeling inadequate compared to my partner. This always manifested into the pitfall of my relationships. It could of been because I was young or because of the partners I chose or a combination but whatever the reason it made me jaded. I had a very sour look on love and relationships and the whole fantasy behind them.

I guess leaning I was pregnant was more of a life changer than I realized it would be. From the moment that the realization of a little life growing inside me became reality, I suddenly had a tremendous amount of love that filled every space it was able to fill. I started to view myself differently and I developed a love for myself. I was finally capable of loving myself for everything I am. I find that by leaving my insecurities behind I am able to love fully and go to bed each night knowing that I am loved by so many people. I suppose the comfort I feel comes from my soul assuring me that yes, I am allowed to feel this happiness and love all the time and I don't ever have to feel negative if I don't want to. I feel so incredibly blessed everyday, and I constantly thank the universe for the love that I have found.
With Love From A New Perspective,

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Big News!

So I have recently acquired a wonderful piece of news my dear friends! Drum roll please..... I am pregnant! Yes that's right I have a little alien inside of me growing and I could not be more excited! Me and Jade can't wait for our little person to come into this world. Being six weeks pregnant I didn't think I would be as sock as I have been but such is life and I feel so blessed to be on this new path and journey
With Love From a New Perspective
XOXO Kaitlin

Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Life of a Gypsy

So lately the universe has been testing my management skills. Moving out to the middle of nowhere becomes difficult when you are accustomed to life in a city, and moving around with your belongings and life scattering behind you is anything but easy. In a way it is enlightening, we are so worried about our possessions and our materials that when you detach you feel freer. Sometimes it is hard. Sometimes I beg the universe to just give us a place to put all our stuff in an organized manner with cute wall decorations. Soon, it will be soon but not right now, it is teaching me patience and love and understanding. I am getting the hang of the gypsy thing and I kind of like it I have never been much of a home body anyway. To be completely honest the only way I will get the hang of it completely is if I accept it completely and I am beginning to do that. Jade is helping me accept it faster. I see how easy it is for him and all the adversities he faces trying to make a life for me him and the dogs and it gives me inspiration to see him work so hard even trough all the challenges life puts in front of him. I couldn't be happier, even when things get tough and I want to throw my hands in the air  and throw in the white flag I don't because this is the life I chose the one I want. I don't expect it to be easy and I don't expect it to get easy anytime soon. Life comes with adversity and I am prepared to face it.

With Love From A New Perspective
XOXO Kait :)

Monday, April 28, 2014

Where This All Will Go

My life has certainly changed in two years. I am no longer in high school, I graduated and took a year off to work (Big mistake) and also experimented with love. I had a few falling outs over the last two years but I think I found something wonderful with Jade, my boyfriend.

In fact, I am getting ready to start my journey with him, where the path will lead I am not sure but I am willing to take the chance and walk down it because I know he is worth it. I guess you could call it modern day pioneering if there ever was such a thing. Moving out, off grid, into the most beautiful Forrest you have ever seen away from people and just making it work out there. Surprisingly, I am not scared. In fact  I am ecstatic!   It already feels like home to me there, more so than here with my parents in my shared room with my sister always feeling in the way.

So I suppose this blog will be written from a new perspective, the perspective of a twenty something with nothing and everything to lose trying to navigate her way through life, love, and the wilderness.

With Love from a New Perspective

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Coming back

I always seem to turn back to old comforts when I don't, or can't, deal with emotions. In all honesty I am a very sensitive person. Not only am I constantly dealing with my own bombardment of emotions I am absorbing everyone else's simultaneously. No one understands this. I seem to always find myself lost, like a tiny fish in a massive ocean of feelings and energies. I have learned to deal with it, adapt to it, but lately I can't seem to get a grip on all of it. So I am back and maybe its for the best. Two years is to long anyway.
With love from a New Perspective