Sunday, May 18, 2014

Big News!

So I have recently acquired a wonderful piece of news my dear friends! Drum roll please..... I am pregnant! Yes that's right I have a little alien inside of me growing and I could not be more excited! Me and Jade can't wait for our little person to come into this world. Being six weeks pregnant I didn't think I would be as sock as I have been but such is life and I feel so blessed to be on this new path and journey
With Love From a New Perspective
XOXO Kaitlin

Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Life of a Gypsy

So lately the universe has been testing my management skills. Moving out to the middle of nowhere becomes difficult when you are accustomed to life in a city, and moving around with your belongings and life scattering behind you is anything but easy. In a way it is enlightening, we are so worried about our possessions and our materials that when you detach you feel freer. Sometimes it is hard. Sometimes I beg the universe to just give us a place to put all our stuff in an organized manner with cute wall decorations. Soon, it will be soon but not right now, it is teaching me patience and love and understanding. I am getting the hang of the gypsy thing and I kind of like it I have never been much of a home body anyway. To be completely honest the only way I will get the hang of it completely is if I accept it completely and I am beginning to do that. Jade is helping me accept it faster. I see how easy it is for him and all the adversities he faces trying to make a life for me him and the dogs and it gives me inspiration to see him work so hard even trough all the challenges life puts in front of him. I couldn't be happier, even when things get tough and I want to throw my hands in the air  and throw in the white flag I don't because this is the life I chose the one I want. I don't expect it to be easy and I don't expect it to get easy anytime soon. Life comes with adversity and I am prepared to face it.

With Love From A New Perspective
XOXO Kait :)