Monday, April 28, 2014

Where This All Will Go

My life has certainly changed in two years. I am no longer in high school, I graduated and took a year off to work (Big mistake) and also experimented with love. I had a few falling outs over the last two years but I think I found something wonderful with Jade, my boyfriend.

In fact, I am getting ready to start my journey with him, where the path will lead I am not sure but I am willing to take the chance and walk down it because I know he is worth it. I guess you could call it modern day pioneering if there ever was such a thing. Moving out, off grid, into the most beautiful Forrest you have ever seen away from people and just making it work out there. Surprisingly, I am not scared. In fact  I am ecstatic!   It already feels like home to me there, more so than here with my parents in my shared room with my sister always feeling in the way.

So I suppose this blog will be written from a new perspective, the perspective of a twenty something with nothing and everything to lose trying to navigate her way through life, love, and the wilderness.

With Love from a New Perspective

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Coming back

I always seem to turn back to old comforts when I don't, or can't, deal with emotions. In all honesty I am a very sensitive person. Not only am I constantly dealing with my own bombardment of emotions I am absorbing everyone else's simultaneously. No one understands this. I seem to always find myself lost, like a tiny fish in a massive ocean of feelings and energies. I have learned to deal with it, adapt to it, but lately I can't seem to get a grip on all of it. So I am back and maybe its for the best. Two years is to long anyway.
With love from a New Perspective