Sunday, July 6, 2014

Looking for Zen

I have finally reached my point of enlightenment. I have this incredible craving for life and beauty but in the simple ways. My normal wants for material things is diminishing and all I want is to be simple and happy. I gave up my makeup products months ago, I don't need to ruin my skin to be beautiful. The skin I have is perfectly fine and in fact I am happier without makeup I can actually enjoy my reflection of natural beauty. Since moving in with my boyfriends mom my eating habits have changed as well. Gluten, processed garbage, and artificial anything is far and few in between and I can feel my body thanking me for it.  For the first time in my life I can feel myself becoming the individual I have always wanted to be, not what others made me out to be.

The changes in my life are drastic, I wake up HAPPY and the feeling lasts all day. I never thought I would feel this much elation in my life. I am so very thankful for this level of consciousness that I have been bestowed. Everyone tried to put a seed of fear into my mind when I first announced my pregnancy. All I heard was how hard and challenging it all would be but I see it so much differently! I have been blessed with a gift and I have so much love to offer.

It is important that all of us become individuals, that we make life choices based off of the people we WANT to be.  Only the soul can tell you who you are and when you and your soul are in sync you begin to feel the calm, you begin to see the universe fold and unfold in front of you and you are allowed to see all the possibilities in this life. We have access to this amazing, living, all knowing being inside of us, so much wiser than our conscious yet it still wants to teach us. Allow yourselves to open up and see what awaits you there. It is time to wake up.
With Love From A New Perspective,

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